Sunday, December 12, 2010

Long time no update


Long time no update.
I have been busy for a month and time goes by so quickly.
Being healthy, working everyday and having food to live is really more than happy.
But I tend to think it too ordinary, tend to look lighter things in front of me and to look for something very far away.  I tend to forget to think and do my own things and to be crunched for time.
And I tend not to think and pray.
Here is the word given by somebody to me...


...  っていう意味になるかな。 ちょっと硬いけど。。英語だと韻も踏んで(bestとworstとか、thinkとthingとか)もっとリズム良いんだけどね。

jjにならこれっ!って。 このお土産、もっと早くに受け取るはずがタイミングがずっと会わなくて先月頂きました。 だから、選んでくれたのはこのブログを立ち上げる前でアンディの話しもしたことがなく、だから彼女の観察力の鋭さに感服しました。
Here is the perfect souvenir for me who love Andy Warhol.   There are Michael Jackson, Mr. President Obama etc though, Miki selected it for me.  I was supposed to receive it in earlier but we have been missing to meet each other and finally I received it in last month.  So, she selected Andy for me before reading my blog about him and we did not talk about it ... so I was impressed her strong powers of observation.
It is true that somebody having very common vibration on feeling or sense with you, we can expect his/her taste of restaurant, music, movie, shops... and it works very well in most of cases.  So, I was very happy to have this Andy.  Thank you Miki chan!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


PARISを拠点に、あちこちと足を延ばすらしい。 一つの国に8日間滞在は理想的な観光旅行。
良いことです! 確かに旅は色んな意味で心のネジやパーツが新しく磨かれる。

My mother and sister went to France for 8 days today.
They plan to visit and stay some cities from Paris.  It is one of ideal sightseeing to stay 8 days in one country.
They enjoyed a trip to Holland and Belgium in April (at that time they forced to stay longer due to a volcane erruption in Island), and they feel traveling in Europe is one of really relaxing their body and mind.  Yes, it is wonderful!!  I agree with them that traveling polishes screws and parts in mind in many means and makes us feel active.  I am very exiting to hear from them after the trip... because they are in PARIS; my favorite city PARIS!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I didn't know it is already in November!!



ところで先日ニュースでGoogleが電子ブックに参入とかで、世界各地の大学の図書館をはじめ10万部とも20万部とも言われる蔵書のスキャニングにいそしみ、そのうち「本」が「電子書籍」に代わる日も遠くない、、と。 スキャニングのコストはすべてGoogle負担、世界各地のあるスキャン工場は秘密だそう。

尊敬するOXFORD 英英辞書によると、「本」すなわち a book の意味は
 a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers:


本の楽しみの一つは、「紙の臭い」なのに。 新書なら力強い臭い、古本ならほこり臭いような甘いような臭い。 そんな「五感」も含めてフィクション・ノンフィクションの世界に連れてってくれるのが a book なのに。  電子端末をあやつれないお年寄りとか、経済的ゆとりの無い人がこんなところでも淘汰されている。

それと、私の憧れは無造作に本がいっぱい並べられた本棚。 背表紙の色・厚み・文字、、無造作ゆえの完成された本棚という世界観。 これも電子書籍なら味わえない。

憧れの本棚 ポール・スミスの書斎。 雑然さがかっこいい。。

ポールスミス ブログ

my ideal book shelves at Paul Smith's office.
Cool because of so chaotic....

As seen in Paul Smith blog

Can't believe it is already in November!!  Only rest of less than 2 months till the end of 2010.  I usually think what I have done and how I grow up this year especially in this season.

Well,  I was having hectic days as usual but luckly had a happy moment other than working such as lunch with DJ Shirley Tomioka and delicious foods. 
I read a news that Google has been investigating into "electric book business" and they are collecting ten millions or twenty millions books from university libraries worldwide to scan them at Google's cost and at top secret scanning factories worldwide..

According my reliable Oxford English dictionary, a book is defined as "a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers"  But this definition will be changed when new era of electric books has come.  No joy of reading a book from "a pad".

One of joy of reading a book is "smell" of paper I believe.  New books smell stronger and old / second hand book smell dusty but sweet.  A book takes me somewhere in fiction and non-fiction world with such body feeling.  And there would be the degital devide between who can have and can not have or can not use.

My ideal book shelf is the one pilled lots of books; variety of thickness, design, size, colors... it's a beauty by rough and simple as a world of a book shelf.  No one can enjoy it by a pad book.

Thursday, October 21, 2010




ちょっと前まで1ヶ月くらい、休日に積極的に出かけたり友人と会ったりするよりも、家で本を読んだり猫と遊んだり、昼寝をしたり静かに過ごしたかったけれど、先週くらいから少し外を覗いてみたいような気分になってきた。 静かに自分の時間を最優先させたい「静かちゃん」が右肩に出てくる時もあれば、静かちゃんが少しずつフェイドアウトして人と会って良い刺激を求めたい「動きちゃん」が左肩に出てくる時もある。 ようこそ、動きちゃん。楽しくやろうぜ!

Tonight, my friend Shu-san came to my house bringing a bottle of white wine.
We are neighbors but were busy and missing each other for a while.  The first time to meet my kitten, too.  Chatting, chatting, chatting with wine and sometime playing with my kitten.  It was heart-warming time and a good mood changing for me who have been in low feeling.

I preferred staying at home quietly; reading books, playing my kitten etc.... rather than meeting friends or going out for a while though, my mood has been changing to look outside a little bit since last week.  Sometimes, Miss Quiet appears on my right shoulder and she wants me not to go outside as her close and gentle friend.  And sometimes, Miss Quiet on my right shoulder fades away silently as she like and Miss Active jumps on my left shoulder looking for good vibration.  Welcome to Miss Active!   Let's have something fun!


Shu-san and my kitten


She is so cute.... I know I am a stupid mommy...
Her Miss Quiet and Miss Active appears frequently a day... and she sleeps.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010




I was invited by an editor of a magazine for the special night in Kobe.  Originally, press staff Mr. T of Beams taught my contact to the editor .... joined there with Mr. Hayashi of Result and his wife.

The magazine will be releasing soon, so I will show just a piece of photo with the master of this special event...!  Lots glasses of red wines and talk, talk, talk... great night in Kobe.

今宵の主役 ビームス白川サンと

 with tonight's master, Mr. Shirakawa of Beams


with a florist Yuko-rin and Macky at Beams

Sunday, October 17, 2010



There is a hall owned by old book (secondhand book) association and they hold a secondhand book market every month.  I like to buy art books and rare foreign books.  Very cheap; around 1000 yen and good quality.

買ったのは、"SMILES BACK" という写真集と、アンディ・ウォホールの画集"Vesvius by Warhol".

SMILES BACKは、アメリカの雑誌LIFE誌に掲載された「何これ!?」的にクスッと笑えるハプニング的な瞬間的ショットの写真集。 


I bought 2 books today; one is a photo book titled "SMILES BACK" edited by the American magazine LIFE. Another is "Vesvius by Warhol".

SMILES BACK is full of happening shots make us laugh and smile.
I love pictures in LIFE because I feel "time" and "realism" from their selection view point.


Andy Warhol is one of my favorite artist as his works are complication of full of energy, nostalgic and modern.
I was luckily went to the Andy Warhol Last Ten Decades exhibition at the Brooklyn museum this summer.

今日買った画集は、イタリア・ナポリの火山ヴェスヴィアス(1世紀にこの火山噴火でポンペイという街が埋没されたらしい)だけを描いた絵、彼のスナップショット、インタビューもありで300円で買えたのはラッキー。 彼は火山噴火はとんでもない迫力と人知を超えた現象であると同時に、すばらしい彫刻作品のようで、だからこの作品を描いた、、と。

The Vesvius by Warhol consists from pictures of Mt. Vesvius in Naple, Italy that buried the city of Pompai, his snap shots and very long interview..... I got it at only 300 yen. Andy says the reason why he drew pictures of Mt. Vesvius are an eruption is an extraordinary and an overwhelming happening and even it is a great sculpture.

Friday, October 15, 2010


HAVE A NICE DAY。。。「良い一日を」「いってらっしゃい」と見送ってくれるこの花瓶。
小町 渉さんという国内外で活躍するアーティストの作品で、2年程前に購入したが
つい最近 玄関に飾るようになった。


HAVE A NICE DAY....  this vase says so when I go out.
This is the work by the international renown artist Wataru Komachi that I bought 2 years ago.  I put it at the entrance of my house recently.

He loves punk, London, Europe that I also do love..... this vase has full of punk, pop and romantic feeling that is amazing.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Time flies like an arrow


昨日はサンフランシスコに住む義妹からメールで「まだ間に合うよ!」と意味不明のメール、よくよく読んでみると、先日書いたFECALFACE.COMの10周年Party 締めくくりはなんと トミー・ゲレロのライブが10月8日(金)。え、え、え〜!行きたいぃぃぃ!「こっちはまだ木曜日だからまだ間に合うよ!」 

Like an arrow week.... time flies like an arrow.
Just can't believe that it"s going to be the middle of October...  I was supposed to be the luckiest zodiac this year; hyper happy year once a 12 years - my dream comes true and I can have lots money...well, it seems time not has come yet.  OK, I can expect rest of 2 months of 2010.
I was just chased by time and didn't have my own time to think about myself.  I know it is not wise to feel frustration.  I am saying myself to take it easy.

My sister living in SF sent a mail saying "Come on! you still make it!"   She says that Tommy Guerrero will play for the 10th anniversary closing party on Oct 8th Friday.  And it's FREE..... WOW!!!!   I WANT to go there......  She says "hey, it's Thursday here, you still make it!"

Sunday, October 3, 2010



Last night I ate Korean BBQ lots so did a night ride in the city by my bike for an hour.
It is just less than 10 min. to the Osaka Castle park from my house but it would be dangerous a quiet night park, so I headed to Nakanoshima taking 20 min.

my bike Bianchi

中之島は字のごとく、川と川の間にある島で、例えて言うなら パリのセーヌ川にあるシテ島。中之島は明治時代には洋風の建築に溢れた、格式ある場所だったよう。 
余談ですが、私は場所の「気」を本能的に感じますが、中之島はとても良い「気」を感じるから好きな場所の一つ。 夜も良いけど、天気のよい昼間の散策も好き。

Osaka city was famous for the business city because of lots of rivers, and Nakanoshima was the center of business.  Osaka stock market and major banks and insurance companies were born here, it was really backbone of Japan business since 200 years ago.

Nakanoshima  means an island in the middle; a natural island between two rivers that is like Cite in the Seine in Paris.   Lots of western style buildings were in Nakanoshima and it was very authentic place in 100 years ago.  It has been developing with restaurants, cafe, museums and cool stores.... good place to walk around.

I have an instinctive feeling to "energy of place or land", I love Nakanoshima as I can feel good energy.
Riding in daytime is really good, too.

大阪中央公会堂 1911年築

Osaka City Central Public Hall built in 1911

日銀 大阪支店
The Japan Bank, Osaka branch

大阪市役所  Osaka City Hall
流線型がいい。 好きなビルの一つ、朝日新聞本社

Cool steamline shape; one of my favourite building Head office of Asahi News Paper


Very controversial now in Japan; the secret office in Osaka

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Just relaxing saturday

まあ、うちの会社はそんなもんです、いつも間際にバタバタ、、そうして何とか片付けるからミラクルに近い。 しかし、引っ越し、しかも本社なので一大事。

It was just relaxing Saturday.
My company has just moved this week, so exhausted.
Employees was informed the move just 10 days before.  There was national holiday week in between, so we had to settle everything in 7 business days, yes, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g!

Well,well,,, this is the style of my company.  Everything is "short notice", we are all hectic, and we always do it that is almost miracle.  But, moving of head office is big issue.  I was so tired.
So, I just played with my kitten, listened to music, took a nap today....

音楽歴36年! いつでも新鮮な彼ら。

This is one of my recent favourite CD; the newest album of Los Lobos.
Their carrer is now 36 years!
Always fresh and attractive....

SIM REDMOND BANDは何年か聴いているけれど、最近 猫とリラックスする時に聴くのがドンピシャであること発見。愛猫も、ニャオーニャー。

I have been listening to the Sim Redmond Band for a few years, and I have discovered that this is very best music when relaxing with my kitten.  She is always 'mew, mew" with it.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Looking at the ceiling...


日々のことにベストは尽くしているし、完璧ではないけれどより良い方法を求めて仕事をしている。 ・・・・けど。

そう、この 「・・・・・けど」の先の言葉が見つからない。


再び天井を見上げて思い出す、この前 阪神タイガースのマートンがヒット200打の記録を更新したときの彼の言葉 「僕は神様から才能を与えられた、だからこの贈り物に応えるために全力でプレーするんだ」。

再び天井を見上げて思い出す、この前 テレビである年配の俳優が、「現状に喜びや感謝をしないで、先のことばかり追いかけると、屋台骨の無い不安だけが生まれる」

そっかー。 「・・・・・けど」と言葉を濁す間あったら、ベストを尽くして現状に感謝かぁ。

On the Sunday afternoon, laying down on the couch and looking at the ceiling... and thinking "what can I do?"

I have been doing my best especially on working; it may not be the perfect but I do look for better ways ..... but...

Yes, I always can not find the next words after this ".... but ..."

My frustration is cheap thing from others (maybe).

Again, looking at the ceiling and recalling the interview of an American baseball player of the Hanshin Tigers who made the record of 200 hits.  He said "I was given my ability as a player from God.  So, I do my best to play for this precious gift."

Again, looking at the ceiling and recalling the TV talk of an actor who said "if you look for future too much without feeling joy and thankfulness to today, you will have just fear without backbone."

I see...  if I have time  to say "um and aah and well..." with ".....but ....", do my best and thank for today to live.

Sunday, September 26, 2010










ジョン、ジェシカ おめでとう!!

This is the T-shirts from my family living in San Francisco.
The 10th Anniversary T-shirts of FECALFACE.COM.
FECALFACE.COM is owned by Jessica who is a sister of my sister-in-raw's husband and her husband John, the art gallery and a content-rich, comprehensive, multidisciplinary art and culture website supporting the art scene in San Francisco.
We met in last January.  They are mellow, laid-back, natural and very cool couple.
When I had a chance to talk with Tommy Guererro at his last show in Osaka, I asked about FECALFACE.COM as he is a San Fransiscan and a skate-border.  Tommy said "yeah, I know John, he is very good friend of mine, wow such a small world!  Hey, now we are friends, too." ... it is my petit blow ...

Back to serious....  Keeping the same business and developing in 10 years is much tougher thing than saying.  But they would not say "wow, we have been working so hard" but would say "hey, we enjoy what we have been doing very much!"  They show relaxing attitude and not a type of "I am, I am".  That would be why they are proud of what they do and respect arts, artist and people... that what I felt when I met them last time.  It is really great thing to keep expressing even sometimes in tough situation especially in this such recession in the US though.
Congratulation John and Jessica!

Friday, September 24, 2010

A book

現在 読書中の本


ちなみに、ジュリア・ロバーツは大好きな女優さんの1人。 同世代でもあるし、声、喋り方、顔、彼女が関わった映画、どれも好きです。



I am reading EAT  PRAY  LOVE now.
This is the original novel of Julia Robert's latest starring movie that has just released a week ago in Japan.
She is one of my fav actress.  She is in the same generation as me and I love her voice, way of speaking, face and movies she has involved.
Reading a novel in English takes more time though, grabbing the outline of story and keep reading is the secret of reading an foreign text rather than looking up words one by one.  I only use a dictionary for words really don't know.

This novel is based on a true story of Elizabeth Gilbert.  She was so desperate by her divorce at the age of 32, by her relationship with a boyfriend and by many things around her.  She was almost lost herself but started a journey to look for herself struggling with Depression on her left shoulder and Loneliness on her right shoulder.  I am far from the age of 32 years old though, it is really wonderful book that can be shared the state of mind and a funny and full of humor.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sleepy mommy

毎朝 愛猫が決まって朝5時に私のお腹にドンっと乗り、「お母ちゃん、お腹すいた!」と鳴くから、すっかり早起きさんです。 だから夜は早々に眠くなる。 今も眠くて仕方ないが、しばらくジュンコジャーナルも更新していないので、きょうは頑張るぞ。
。。。と言っても、最近は取り立てて書くことが無いなぁ。 ちょっと前と違って、最近は人に会うのも面倒くさくて、つい 家と会社の往復のみ。 家に居て、愛猫と戯れて本を読むのが幸せなちょっとしたお籠り状態。

I am an early bird as my adorable kitten jumps on my stomach; punctually at 5am saying "mommy, I'm hungry!"... so, I am very sleepy at night.  I am very sleepy now but trying opening eyes to update JunkoJournal.
...... but nothing special to write recently.   I was very active a few weeks ago to go out friends though, I prefer to go back to home straight away from working not meeting somebody.  Staying at home to play with the kitten or to read a book is a happiness; kind of "petit isolating from society".  As I am exhausted  in daytime, keeping to the home is a joy and a happiness recently.


My kitten, playing between my legs in the early morning.
She is such a tomboy.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I want to go to somewhere


I want to travel, to go to somewhere. 
It's not an escape from reality.  I just want to travel just for fun, especially to France - with warm feeling to meet something important things again.
Walking on the street, eating something yummy, listening to French that I have no idea as if listening to the music, walking alongside a canal in the morning, walking in a busy area in the evening.  Well, I cannot afford it this year... I like to see pictures of past travels at that time.


I don't know why but this place with this angle is often appeared in "Paris" featured fashion magazines in Japan.


I like railroad stations.  Traveling itself is placing myself in different space.  Stations is the place to take us to somewhere, so a station gives me double different spaces that is thrilling.
There is a tree of olive in the Aix-en-Provence station.

Well, but I would like to escape from reality to go to somewhere....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Difference between Journal and Diary

手元のオックスフォード英英辞書に依ると、「ジャーナル」とは、その日したことや聞いたことの毎日の記録– とある。ここ数日間はジャーナルを書く気力さえ無いほど眠くなったり、本を読んで寝てしまったり。それと、最近は友達と会うよりも家でゆっくり過ごしたいというムードなので、これと言ったブログトピックも無かったり!?

According to my Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, "journal" is a written record of the things you do, see, etc, everyday.  During a few days, I was too sleepy to write something in the night or slept reading a book ... plus I did not have specific topics as I preferred to stay home instead of meeting friends....!?
Now I am writing this listening to "Gregorian Chant" performed by Benedictine Monks of the Abbey Saint-Maurice & Saint-Maur of Clervaux with big volume enjoining "autumn night".  This CD is one of my favourite at night.

「日記」と「ジャーナル」の違いは、形式のようだ。 オックスフォード英英辞書によると「ダイアリー(日記)」は「日々の経験や個人的なことを書き留めたノート」とある。つまり、日記の方が、よりプライベートで、書くべきは1冊のノートであるが故に格式がある。 一方 ジャーナルは日本語にすると、「日報」か。 「その日やったこと、聞いたことを報告するもの」であり、「プライベートである必要は無し」で、書き留める対象はノートと指定無し。紙でも何でもいいのだ。こっちのほうが、ライブな感じがしてカッコいい。 意識してブログタイトルをJunko-Journalとした訳ではないけど、Journalのほうが語感が好きだったから。 やはり、フィーリングって大事だ。

Difference between "diary" and "journal" seems to be a style.  According to the dictionary, "diary" is a book in which you can write down in the experiences you have each day, your private thoughts etc".   Well, "diary' seems to be more private contents and should be written in a book; it sounds more rules.  On the other hand, "journal" is a report to write what you do and see everyday and no need to be written in a book.  A piece of paper or whatever is OK.  I feel this is more "live" feeling and cool.  I have never looked up meaning of journal and diary when I named my blog as Junko-Journal and I just named as Journal as I like the sound of word.  I really think feeling is really important.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Peaceful Sunday Night


I took my 2 months years old kitten girl to a clinic for vaccine injection.  She was very nervous about her first journey to clinic (only 10 min on foot though) by a carry case though, health check and having injection was done very smoothly without any "protestant".
Other than going to the clinic, I just read a book, drunk a beer and took a nap.... what a lazy cozy peaceful Sunday...
And, my kitten is sleeping on my knee at the end of the day.  What a lovely and adorable you are.... you are my healer.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Viva women!


There are attractive women who do their best to live surrounding me.   Showing smily face but crying in heart sometimes... worrying, struggling, eating, drinking ... we consume "many" things.  What is my value? Am I needed by somebody?  We keep asking these questions ourselves, sometimes with tears.  The door we must open today seems to be lighter and heavier in front of the reality of "life goes on", that's life.  I met my tough and beautiful colleagues and a friend during business trip in Tokyo and got expected good stimulation from them.

品川のオイスターバーJack Pot へ。ここはオイスターバーだけど、ピザもかなり美味なり。

Before returning to Osaka,  Kobayan aka Sa-chan and I went out to an Oyster bar Jack Pot in Shinagawa.  Great oysters but pizza is also so yummy.


Reminding me something friendly not snob restaurants in NYC


Raw oysters were popular but steamed oysters were also really great.



3 hours passed like a moment with talking and sharing many things.  It was great vibration of mind; fun, heart warmed and giving me hints of something thinking thru conversation with her.

Viva women!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Your phone call is not allowed to connect

さてさて。 何でこうなったのか? お互い色々言い分はあるでしょうが、考え方がまるで違うため、善し悪しの問題でもない。自分から一方的にドアを閉められては開けられません。 しかし、いつ開けるのか? ずっと開けないつもりか? それならばそれでオッケーとしましょう、その人のやり方だからそれは仕方ない、受け入れるしかない、寂しいけれどね。だけど、親は気にするだろうから、私ならこの手段は取らずに完全無視するのにな。

My phone call was not allowed; I have never experienced this but by my real sister.
I was wondering when my cell message to her was returned the other day.   I called her tonight to ask something and the message automatically announced "your phone call is not allowed to connect to this number".
Well, why she did so?  There would be thoughts and excuses between us.  We have totally different way of thinking, so it is not the issue of good or bad.  But nobody can open the door suddenly closed.  And, when will it be opened?  No more opening?  If so, OK, that's her way of action and that's life, I have to accept it though it is a kind of sad.  Anyway, I don't take this way as family will be worry about.  I would ignore totally.


"Everything is going to be alright" is out of focus; maybe I have no confident with it?

Monday, September 6, 2010


LIKTEN  健康優良知的不良少年少女雑誌「リキテン」
今回はNo.2 。編集長は小田明志、No.1は18歳高校生、No.2は19歳。
全て彼のアートディリレクション、構成、そう編集長です。この本を知った時、アナーキーなようで、かなり真面目で、何気にスタイリッシュで、読み物としてワクワクする。高校生の時、「宝島」と当時は硬派とおたくの紙一重「ロッキンオン」を読みあさり、難しい表現やストリート感、カルチャーに心酔していた時の感情を呼び戻す。 新しい世代の新しい力を感じて、いい刺激を受ける。

About a book I bought recently... LIKTEN  subtitle is "minor delinquent magazine"
LIKTEN is LIKITEN is main emphasis in Japanese.
So, this is the vol.2.  Editor in large is Akashi Oda.  He was 18 years old and a high school student at the vol.1.  Now, He is 19.  If you are interested in his biography, check it with Akashi Oda and LIKTEN.
Everything was done by his direction; art, pagenation, contents...  anarchy and serous, plus stylish.  I often recall days in my teenager days that I was so into sub-cultural and nerd music magazines.  I feel new power from new generation and it stimulates me.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010


しかし、暑い。。。もうウンザリ! もう9月なのに、この灼熱の暑さ。エアコン無しでは過ごせないけど、電気代が怖い。。。
さて、きのうは彦ちゃんがお休みだったので、うちら夫婦と一緒に近所で食事。ここは閉店間際だったのでその後場所を変えて。彦ちゃんと別れた後、きえちゃんのお店 Down to earth の前を通ると閉店間際、西口サンもいた。その後、きえちゃんと自転車で玉造のバー HaLEへ。

What a hell... too hot, we are fed up with this too much heated summer.  Hey, it is September, unbelievable.  Can't stand surviving without an air-conditioner... I am afraid of bill for electric !
Well, Hiko chan was day off yesterday and went out for dinner together in neighbors.  Had bites with some beers, we moved to different sea-food restaurant.   After bye-bye to Hiko chan, I met Kieko at her shop Down To earth on the way to home and Nishiguchi-san was also there.  I and Kieko rode to bike to the bar HaLE.


I am so regret that I didn't bring a digital camera; very bad quality of pictures from my cell....

Mexican ambiance green painted wall is really good vibration.   Vintage furniture, home decor... something relaxing and warm atmosphere.


Nice bar, I will go there again.

Friday, September 3, 2010

A party

きょうは、ご近所の仲良しさん きえちゃんのお店(我が家から2ブロック歩いたところ)にて、ちょっとしたパーティーへ、会社帰りに立ち寄りました。

Kieko, my good friend and neighbours had a small party at her shop that is only 2 blocks from my house, and I dropped by on the way to home from working tonight.

早めにパーティに行って家に戻っていたシュウサンが、また出てきてくれました! 彼女も、ご近所さんなのです。ビールで乾杯★

Shu-san, my another friend of neighbours once went back to home from the party, but she appeared there again to say hello to me, thanks!!!
Cheers!  She goes to Fukuoka for the sunset live with her husband from tomorrow.

彼がきえちゃんのショップ "down to earth"をシェアして、ハンドメイドの1点物の帽子やカレーを販売されます。きょうは、そのレセプション。

He shares Kieko's boutique "down to earth' and sells his handmade one of a kind hats and a curry!  Tonight is the reception for him.


What a relaxing and easy feeling, a subtle party night.