Saturday, September 11, 2010

Viva women!


There are attractive women who do their best to live surrounding me.   Showing smily face but crying in heart sometimes... worrying, struggling, eating, drinking ... we consume "many" things.  What is my value? Am I needed by somebody?  We keep asking these questions ourselves, sometimes with tears.  The door we must open today seems to be lighter and heavier in front of the reality of "life goes on", that's life.  I met my tough and beautiful colleagues and a friend during business trip in Tokyo and got expected good stimulation from them.

品川のオイスターバーJack Pot へ。ここはオイスターバーだけど、ピザもかなり美味なり。

Before returning to Osaka,  Kobayan aka Sa-chan and I went out to an Oyster bar Jack Pot in Shinagawa.  Great oysters but pizza is also so yummy.


Reminding me something friendly not snob restaurants in NYC


Raw oysters were popular but steamed oysters were also really great.



3 hours passed like a moment with talking and sharing many things.  It was great vibration of mind; fun, heart warmed and giving me hints of something thinking thru conversation with her.

Viva women!