Thursday, September 2, 2010

I love her!

大好きな女友達、こばやん またの名を さーちゃんが大阪出張でやってきた。


My very good girlfriend KOBAYAN aka Sa-Chan came to Osaka for a business trip.  Before going back to Tokyo, she finishes working earlier and had a dinner together in early evening.  I was having a paid holiday that day.... What a good timing!

She is a designer & planner of mens underwear at a major maker.  She has been involving this business for decades and very professional (serious) for working; fun and lovely for private.

仕事の話しは少しだけ、あとは考えてることや思うこと、バカバカしいことなど色々と共有できる心地よい友達。 今は東京で働いているから(ファッションビジネスに就くのは大阪ではチャンスは少ないもんね)、年に数回しか会えないけれど、いつ会ってもつい昨日も会ってたっけ?みたいな親しみがある。
I love chatting with her and we are giving good motivation together.
A little bit about for working, most of our chatting is about thoughts in mind, sometimes silly fun things... good and very cozy to share many things.  She now works in Tokyo (very hard to find the work opportunity in fashion in Osaka...), we can meet only a few times a year.  But everytime, we are feeling so close like meeting yesterday.