Friday, September 24, 2010

A book

現在 読書中の本


ちなみに、ジュリア・ロバーツは大好きな女優さんの1人。 同世代でもあるし、声、喋り方、顔、彼女が関わった映画、どれも好きです。



I am reading EAT  PRAY  LOVE now.
This is the original novel of Julia Robert's latest starring movie that has just released a week ago in Japan.
She is one of my fav actress.  She is in the same generation as me and I love her voice, way of speaking, face and movies she has involved.
Reading a novel in English takes more time though, grabbing the outline of story and keep reading is the secret of reading an foreign text rather than looking up words one by one.  I only use a dictionary for words really don't know.

This novel is based on a true story of Elizabeth Gilbert.  She was so desperate by her divorce at the age of 32, by her relationship with a boyfriend and by many things around her.  She was almost lost herself but started a journey to look for herself struggling with Depression on her left shoulder and Loneliness on her right shoulder.  I am far from the age of 32 years old though, it is really wonderful book that can be shared the state of mind and a funny and full of humor.