Friday, September 3, 2010

A party

きょうは、ご近所の仲良しさん きえちゃんのお店(我が家から2ブロック歩いたところ)にて、ちょっとしたパーティーへ、会社帰りに立ち寄りました。

Kieko, my good friend and neighbours had a small party at her shop that is only 2 blocks from my house, and I dropped by on the way to home from working tonight.

早めにパーティに行って家に戻っていたシュウサンが、また出てきてくれました! 彼女も、ご近所さんなのです。ビールで乾杯★

Shu-san, my another friend of neighbours once went back to home from the party, but she appeared there again to say hello to me, thanks!!!
Cheers!  She goes to Fukuoka for the sunset live with her husband from tomorrow.

彼がきえちゃんのショップ "down to earth"をシェアして、ハンドメイドの1点物の帽子やカレーを販売されます。きょうは、そのレセプション。

He shares Kieko's boutique "down to earth' and sells his handmade one of a kind hats and a curry!  Tonight is the reception for him.


What a relaxing and easy feeling, a subtle party night.