Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Your phone call is not allowed to connect

さてさて。 何でこうなったのか? お互い色々言い分はあるでしょうが、考え方がまるで違うため、善し悪しの問題でもない。自分から一方的にドアを閉められては開けられません。 しかし、いつ開けるのか? ずっと開けないつもりか? それならばそれでオッケーとしましょう、その人のやり方だからそれは仕方ない、受け入れるしかない、寂しいけれどね。だけど、親は気にするだろうから、私ならこの手段は取らずに完全無視するのにな。

My phone call was not allowed; I have never experienced this but by my real sister.
I was wondering when my cell message to her was returned the other day.   I called her tonight to ask something and the message automatically announced "your phone call is not allowed to connect to this number".
Well, why she did so?  There would be thoughts and excuses between us.  We have totally different way of thinking, so it is not the issue of good or bad.  But nobody can open the door suddenly closed.  And, when will it be opened?  No more opening?  If so, OK, that's her way of action and that's life, I have to accept it though it is a kind of sad.  Anyway, I don't take this way as family will be worry about.  I would ignore totally.


"Everything is going to be alright" is out of focus; maybe I have no confident with it?