Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sleepy mommy

毎朝 愛猫が決まって朝5時に私のお腹にドンっと乗り、「お母ちゃん、お腹すいた!」と鳴くから、すっかり早起きさんです。 だから夜は早々に眠くなる。 今も眠くて仕方ないが、しばらくジュンコジャーナルも更新していないので、きょうは頑張るぞ。
。。。と言っても、最近は取り立てて書くことが無いなぁ。 ちょっと前と違って、最近は人に会うのも面倒くさくて、つい 家と会社の往復のみ。 家に居て、愛猫と戯れて本を読むのが幸せなちょっとしたお籠り状態。

I am an early bird as my adorable kitten jumps on my stomach; punctually at 5am saying "mommy, I'm hungry!"... so, I am very sleepy at night.  I am very sleepy now but trying opening eyes to update JunkoJournal.
...... but nothing special to write recently.   I was very active a few weeks ago to go out friends though, I prefer to go back to home straight away from working not meeting somebody.  Staying at home to play with the kitten or to read a book is a happiness; kind of "petit isolating from society".  As I am exhausted  in daytime, keeping to the home is a joy and a happiness recently.


My kitten, playing between my legs in the early morning.
She is such a tomboy.