Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Looking at the ceiling...


日々のことにベストは尽くしているし、完璧ではないけれどより良い方法を求めて仕事をしている。 ・・・・けど。

そう、この 「・・・・・けど」の先の言葉が見つからない。


再び天井を見上げて思い出す、この前 阪神タイガースのマートンがヒット200打の記録を更新したときの彼の言葉 「僕は神様から才能を与えられた、だからこの贈り物に応えるために全力でプレーするんだ」。

再び天井を見上げて思い出す、この前 テレビである年配の俳優が、「現状に喜びや感謝をしないで、先のことばかり追いかけると、屋台骨の無い不安だけが生まれる」

そっかー。 「・・・・・けど」と言葉を濁す間あったら、ベストを尽くして現状に感謝かぁ。

On the Sunday afternoon, laying down on the couch and looking at the ceiling... and thinking "what can I do?"

I have been doing my best especially on working; it may not be the perfect but I do look for better ways ..... but...

Yes, I always can not find the next words after this ".... but ..."

My frustration is cheap thing from others (maybe).

Again, looking at the ceiling and recalling the interview of an American baseball player of the Hanshin Tigers who made the record of 200 hits.  He said "I was given my ability as a player from God.  So, I do my best to play for this precious gift."

Again, looking at the ceiling and recalling the TV talk of an actor who said "if you look for future too much without feeling joy and thankfulness to today, you will have just fear without backbone."

I see...  if I have time  to say "um and aah and well..." with ".....but ....", do my best and thank for today to live.