Saturday, May 28, 2011

Musicians I love


Joni Mitchellは1980年代後半から好きになったのを覚えている。

Night Ride Homeはいつでも心動かされる素晴らしい名曲。

I love music.   Music invited me to experience UK and USA culture.
English was the language of musics I loved, so I have studied English very hard since highschool student.

I remember that I started to listen Joni Mitchell from late of 80's.
I listened most of her albums.  There are some musics I don't feel good.

"Night Ride Home" is one of the greatest songs of my library - it always moves to my heart.
Especially very good vibration to listen alone at night, very quiet night.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yves sanit Laurent


フランスの国宝級ファッションデザイナー イヴ・サンローランが21歳でグッチのチーフデザイナーに指名されてから72歳で亡くなるまでの生涯を、彼を50年近く公私共に支えたパートナーのピエール・ベルジュ氏の語りによる回顧録なドキュメンタリー。



The documentry "Yves Saint Laurent - Perre Berge L'amour Fou" was
great film.

It is the memoir documentary about the national treasure class great fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and his entire story as a fashion designer since the chief designer of Gucci at his 21st.  His lifetime partner Pierre Berge is a teller.

I was moved this documentary because there is a sort of good tension throughout a dialogue and I felt the communication between the teller and the viewer between "silence" and "silence".

And I have been asking myself the meaning of persisting in my belief and what "facing myself and others" is since I saw this film.