Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Give me a break!




そして、鬱陶しいのが鳩ぽっぽ 鳩山一郎。

彼は、坂本龍馬気取りか? 小沢さんと管さんの会談のフィクサー演じて、まるで薩長同盟でも仕掛けているつもりか?

いい加減にしておくれ! だから鳩は嫌いなのよねぇ。ボーリング転がすぞ。

About politics in Japan... it is so strange and awful situation... really "give me a break!", don't you the Japanese think so???

I voted to the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) at the lower house election last time as I expected they have power to change the stacked Japan very much and majority of voter expected the same thing that was why they won 308 seats in 480 seats.

However, what the DPJ has been doing is the same as "going to Jerusalem" game; there is no wishes/opinions of voters; no direction how to manage this country; very bad economy.
Our prime minister says "I will do my very best for the best result for Japan".... that is not what the prime minister says.

And what annoying is Ichiro Hatoyama; is he pretending himself as a Ryoma Sakamoto???  Does he think as if he is a fixer of meeting with Ozawa and the Prime minister something like the Satcho Aliance?

Just Give Me a B.R.E.A.K!!!   I really hate "pigeons" Hato as mentioned before .  I warn you to spin the ball!