Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Letter From Paris




そして、パリから葉書が届きました。 気分転換に大好きなパリに来ています、これから自分でビジネスを立ち上げていくことも考えています、、と。


I received a post card from a Paris at office today.   A French stamp with Japanese... the sender is a woman I met at a French exhibition in Tokyo in April.  Her way of talk was straight and smart, and had warm voice... I immediately had good impression.  Her position in the company is something No. 2 or 3, similar as me, and we were the same generation.  Enjoyed talking even the 1st meeting.

Since no business chance, I thought that was the first and the last to talk with her, but she called my office  last month saying she was fired because of a conflict with a boss.

And, a card from Paris says "I'm coming in Paris, my favorite city for refreshing.  I'm thinking about my future including an independent business...  See you someday."

Many tough things around for over 40 years old; especially for women, I would like to cross my finger and wish her good luck as the same gender and generation.   It will be fun to go out for a drink next time in Tokyo... she seems a hard drinker...??