Saturday, August 21, 2010

Spin the ball


こんな気分は、最近気になるアーティスト ツィ・ウァン・ユー(台湾)にハマる。

ロンドン市内、鳩の群れにボーリング! 動物愛護とかは置いといて、、。 
まず、鳩嫌いの私は やってみたい。。願望だけですが。。ポリさんに捕まるし。

I had a super busy day today.
It's Friday, the busiest day a week in general, but I was alone in the office.
I had to pick up every single phone call, to receive every delivery, to pack, to unpack.....
While I was concentrating my big project starting from next week, another delicate issue happened from another important client....   I had a little happy moment in the middle of chaos though :-)  Anyway, I am strangely hyper feeling tonight even now.

The Taiwanese artist Tsui Kuang-Yu is my mood tonight.
In the city of London,  the incredible bowling alley into pigeons!
I hate pigeons very much, I want to do it... as a desire otherwise I may be arrested.
Imagine unpleasant pigeons as tumbling issues of today... I just want to spin the bowling ball to beat it.