Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh Brother!


A friend like a younger brother, Hiko-chan came to my house tonight. He is a bike-teacher, too.   He brought very yummy tofu and fried tofu, and I cooked special family recipe (?) of baked squid with special soy & ginger source ...

彼は私のことを「姉さん」と呼ぶ。10月にはパパになる!指輪のサイズはどうやって計ったらいい?と聞かれる。奥さんに指輪を買うそう....  家族のために仕事も頑張っているし、姉としては嬉しいよ!

We enjoyed sister-brother talk.  He calls me "sister".

He is going to be a father in October!  He asked me how to gauge a size of ring, looking for a ring for his wife....   He works hard for family, I am so glad and relieved as a sister!