Saturday, August 28, 2010

T.G.I.F. Thank God It's Friday!

そう、つまり 「花金」です、きょうは。

今朝は会社近くで Three hunderd thirty days の新ショップを発見。
ここのディレクター 加藤氏はいるかな?と開店前準備中の店内を覗くと いたいた。。。
窓をコンコンしたら笑顔の加藤ちゃんが出てきた。相変わらずユルい、すごいリラックスのレイドバックな人。でも、要職を担っている人、すばらしい緩急。見習いたい。しばしお喋り。 攻めの出店、グッドラック!

今宵はDub Factory presents Well experiences at Mambo cafe, Osaka


Yes, it's Friday today.

I found new store of ladies cloths brand "Three hundred thirty days" near my office this morning.  Wondering if Mr. Kato, the brand director is there?  Looking into the store in the midst of opening preparation, he was there... I knocked the window and he found me, came out from with big smile.  His atmosphere is always relaxing and laid-back to make us feel cozy and flat.  But he is CEO or COO something... great, very ideal man....   Hi and chatting for a while.  Aggressive store openings under tough time, good luck!

Tonight, I went to a DJ night "Dub Factory presents Well experiences at Mambo cafe, Osaka".

I'm uploading from my cell, and a little drunken tonight - so no picture of  today.