Sunday, August 22, 2010

Work Hard!!

普段は海外のファッションブランド、大きく言えば日本における販売戦略なぞ聞こえはかっこいいけど雑多な細々したこともやっています。 で、きょうは立ち上げに関わって、今は別のスタッフが担当しているアメリカのデザイナーが1年半ぶりに来日イベント&パーティ。きょうは販売応援もして10時間以上立ちっぱなし! 久しぶりに彼と会って積もる話しで楽しかったけど、帰宅したら11時半。疲れました。でも、今のブランド担当は現在夜中の1時前、まだ仕事中。明日の東京イベント準備のために朝一番の新幹線で移動。。。私たちの世界では当たり前、カッコイイ仕事の裏では、はいつくばって必死に仕事をしてます。だから、「こんなはずじゃない」と辞めて行く子も多い。今日の写真は無し、でも疲れているから花の写真でも愛でましょう。

I work for fashion business, especially for branding and marketing how to launch/sales in Japan etc.  It may sounds very cool but lots of detailed work and not so cool in fact.  Well, we had a party and special event as one American of designers is coming to Japan.  I involved for his first launching in Japan, now other staff is in charge of him.  I helped the event today, kept standing more than 10 hours....  It was so nice to talk with the designer since 1 year and  a half; lots of stories between him and me.  But I was tired anyway..
However, current brand control staff still working (now before 1am) and she will leave for Tokyo at the 1st train tomorrow morning.  It is very ordinal for us.  Backstage of cool fashion business is really tough and lots of not cool things.  So, I have seen lots of girls "this is not what I wanted."  Well, I have no picture of today, so I would like to upload the flower picture I love for a  joy of moment.