Friday, August 27, 2010



今 この瞬間に、明後日うちにやってくる子猫は何をしているんだろう?
今 大阪は夜の11時だけど、フランスは午後4時、NYは朝の10時。

時差とか仕事柄当たり前だけれど、改めて意識するとこれって「時空 タイムスペース?」と、思ったり。「時空」という言葉を検索すると、ニュートンやらアインシュタインやら相対性理論やら、何やら意味不明。私なんて、これが何学かも分からない。でも、自分と直面している時間だけでなくて、客観的に周囲の時間を想像すると、平面の時間がすごく立体的に感じる.. ノイズ、音、喜び、怒り、静寂.... 興味深い。


I was thinking about "time" during washing dishes tonight.  Everybody has everybody's time right now in this moment. It's nothing special finding, I just thought about it.

For instance, what is my baby kitten coming to here this Saturday doing now?
For instance, it is 11pm in Japan, 4pm in France and 10 am in NY.
At this moment, everybody has everybody's time.

In my business, I always work with the time difference.  But when I am conscious about "time" surrounding me, is it something called as "time-space"?

Looking up the word of "time-space"... wow... Newton, Einstein, The theory of relativity... what?? No idea at all.  I don't even know what -logy or science.  But just imagine simply "time"objectively, I feel the planar time I am now in turns to the 3 dimensional space with noise, sound, joy, anger, serenity.... it's interesting.

Well, it's a little bit hard to conclude today's blog... anyway, it's about time to finish tonight.


Is this door also the time-space something?