Thursday, October 21, 2010




ちょっと前まで1ヶ月くらい、休日に積極的に出かけたり友人と会ったりするよりも、家で本を読んだり猫と遊んだり、昼寝をしたり静かに過ごしたかったけれど、先週くらいから少し外を覗いてみたいような気分になってきた。 静かに自分の時間を最優先させたい「静かちゃん」が右肩に出てくる時もあれば、静かちゃんが少しずつフェイドアウトして人と会って良い刺激を求めたい「動きちゃん」が左肩に出てくる時もある。 ようこそ、動きちゃん。楽しくやろうぜ!

Tonight, my friend Shu-san came to my house bringing a bottle of white wine.
We are neighbors but were busy and missing each other for a while.  The first time to meet my kitten, too.  Chatting, chatting, chatting with wine and sometime playing with my kitten.  It was heart-warming time and a good mood changing for me who have been in low feeling.

I preferred staying at home quietly; reading books, playing my kitten etc.... rather than meeting friends or going out for a while though, my mood has been changing to look outside a little bit since last week.  Sometimes, Miss Quiet appears on my right shoulder and she wants me not to go outside as her close and gentle friend.  And sometimes, Miss Quiet on my right shoulder fades away silently as she like and Miss Active jumps on my left shoulder looking for good vibration.  Welcome to Miss Active!   Let's have something fun!


Shu-san and my kitten


She is so cute.... I know I am a stupid mommy...
Her Miss Quiet and Miss Active appears frequently a day... and she sleeps.