Saturday, October 9, 2010

Time flies like an arrow


昨日はサンフランシスコに住む義妹からメールで「まだ間に合うよ!」と意味不明のメール、よくよく読んでみると、先日書いたFECALFACE.COMの10周年Party 締めくくりはなんと トミー・ゲレロのライブが10月8日(金)。え、え、え〜!行きたいぃぃぃ!「こっちはまだ木曜日だからまだ間に合うよ!」 

Like an arrow week.... time flies like an arrow.
Just can't believe that it"s going to be the middle of October...  I was supposed to be the luckiest zodiac this year; hyper happy year once a 12 years - my dream comes true and I can have lots money...well, it seems time not has come yet.  OK, I can expect rest of 2 months of 2010.
I was just chased by time and didn't have my own time to think about myself.  I know it is not wise to feel frustration.  I am saying myself to take it easy.

My sister living in SF sent a mail saying "Come on! you still make it!"   She says that Tommy Guerrero will play for the 10th anniversary closing party on Oct 8th Friday.  And it's FREE..... WOW!!!!   I WANT to go there......  She says "hey, it's Thursday here, you still make it!"