Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I didn't know it is already in November!!



ところで先日ニュースでGoogleが電子ブックに参入とかで、世界各地の大学の図書館をはじめ10万部とも20万部とも言われる蔵書のスキャニングにいそしみ、そのうち「本」が「電子書籍」に代わる日も遠くない、、と。 スキャニングのコストはすべてGoogle負担、世界各地のあるスキャン工場は秘密だそう。

尊敬するOXFORD 英英辞書によると、「本」すなわち a book の意味は
 a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers:


本の楽しみの一つは、「紙の臭い」なのに。 新書なら力強い臭い、古本ならほこり臭いような甘いような臭い。 そんな「五感」も含めてフィクション・ノンフィクションの世界に連れてってくれるのが a book なのに。  電子端末をあやつれないお年寄りとか、経済的ゆとりの無い人がこんなところでも淘汰されている。

それと、私の憧れは無造作に本がいっぱい並べられた本棚。 背表紙の色・厚み・文字、、無造作ゆえの完成された本棚という世界観。 これも電子書籍なら味わえない。

憧れの本棚 ポール・スミスの書斎。 雑然さがかっこいい。。

ポールスミス ブログ

my ideal book shelves at Paul Smith's office.
Cool because of so chaotic....

As seen in Paul Smith blog

Can't believe it is already in November!!  Only rest of less than 2 months till the end of 2010.  I usually think what I have done and how I grow up this year especially in this season.

Well,  I was having hectic days as usual but luckly had a happy moment other than working such as lunch with DJ Shirley Tomioka and delicious foods. 
I read a news that Google has been investigating into "electric book business" and they are collecting ten millions or twenty millions books from university libraries worldwide to scan them at Google's cost and at top secret scanning factories worldwide..

According my reliable Oxford English dictionary, a book is defined as "a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers"  But this definition will be changed when new era of electric books has come.  No joy of reading a book from "a pad".

One of joy of reading a book is "smell" of paper I believe.  New books smell stronger and old / second hand book smell dusty but sweet.  A book takes me somewhere in fiction and non-fiction world with such body feeling.  And there would be the degital devide between who can have and can not have or can not use.

My ideal book shelf is the one pilled lots of books; variety of thickness, design, size, colors... it's a beauty by rough and simple as a world of a book shelf.  No one can enjoy it by a pad book.