Wednesday, November 3, 2010


PARISを拠点に、あちこちと足を延ばすらしい。 一つの国に8日間滞在は理想的な観光旅行。
良いことです! 確かに旅は色んな意味で心のネジやパーツが新しく磨かれる。

My mother and sister went to France for 8 days today.
They plan to visit and stay some cities from Paris.  It is one of ideal sightseeing to stay 8 days in one country.
They enjoyed a trip to Holland and Belgium in April (at that time they forced to stay longer due to a volcane erruption in Island), and they feel traveling in Europe is one of really relaxing their body and mind.  Yes, it is wonderful!!  I agree with them that traveling polishes screws and parts in mind in many means and makes us feel active.  I am very exiting to hear from them after the trip... because they are in PARIS; my favorite city PARIS!!