Tuesday, March 1, 2011

get fixed

確か、、spay? saspy?  えーい、「私の猫、妊娠しないように卵取ったのよ」はい、これで十分通じます。で、彼女が教えてくれたのが、get fixed.   直訳すると「整える」とか「矯正する」という意味になるのかな。『人間には使わないわよ、あ、でも性転換手術なら使うかな?』
なるほど、get fixed、便利な表現ね。

The conversation with a designer from New York the other day.    She usually works with one of my colleague not me but we were glad to meet again and worked for a while together at that time.
When I was talking to her that I gave her designed tiny letter charm to my cat, I wanted to say "because she had a surgery of....." well. what to say a surgery not to get pregnant in English?  Was it sapy? saspy?

So I kept saying "she took her eggs out not to get pregnant"  yes,,, that's enough.  Then she said, "oh, that's -get fixed-"... I did not know to use it for that occasion.  And she added "that's not expression for human...but sometimes it could be used for a gender change operation...?"
Well, "get fixed"  I remember such a useful expression.