Sunday, February 27, 2011

Didn't you realize that?



本来 日本の若者が入りたいはずの大企業が日本人を採らずに、
世界的に技術と知名度の高い日本の会社に魅力を感じている留学生が多く、彼らは必死で日本で学ぶハングリー精神を持ち、少なくとも母国語と日本語を操れる。 企業は国内市場が縮小する中で海外に活路を求めている、、需要と供給がマッチしているらしい。




The evening news last night said that the government discussed social security servises crisic of coming the aging society issue and concluded that creation of job opportunity and decreasing of jobless for young people should be one of the most proiority to manage the social security in future.
...excuse me, can I interrupt?  Didn't you realize that??

A different news of yesterday said that rate of employment of new graduates decreased to 68% though, Japanese famous giant companies are expanding the hiring number of new graduates but looking for foreign students at good universities.  Even worse job rate among Japan, it is better than their own countries for foreign students, plus Japanese companies are still famous for advanced high technology and its"brand", many foreign students feel attractive to work there.  They study very hard and speak more than 2 languages.  And companies are looking for expanding of business opportunities outside of Japan as domestic market is shrinking. So, their supply & demands seems to be matched.

Another different news of last night said that the university studen arrested for overtuning highway bus in suside bid.  He grabbed the wheel from the bus driver screaming "everybody will die! please kill me!" and 12 people were injured.  He is job hunting the junior in university and he was on the way to home from Osaka where he had a job fair.

Things are going to many direction with mach speed that nobody expected, and a tragety by a adult-child university student.

Politicians, please aware of the real world.